On the Field

WellPlayed helps teams win on the field by aggregating data from wearables, spreadsheets, video or any other sources, and then delivering new game-changing discoveries.  Coaches know how to coach and don’t need data overload. They just want to see what is pertinent for the decision at hand, and use their years of experience to make the best possible call. WellPlayed takes data from any source, filters out what’s irrelevant, and feeds the need-to-know information in simple and flexible dashboards that can be adapted with each new question. Whatever information the coach, trainers or medical staff want to see, WellPlayed can customize the dashbaord as requested.  You decide what’s important to you, and we’ll give you the smart and fast answers.

In the Boardroom

Once teams have data on what’s happening on the field and in the stadium, the boardroom can have an entirely new view of what success means to the team.  See how player performance impacts merchandising sales, or how stadium reconfiguration would impact revenues. Any number of questions can be answered once you can link data across the entire organization. WellPlayed helps GMs and owners make connections they may have never seen with siloed information.  We’ll filter out the non-relevant data and only give what’s critical to help you win – on the field, in the stadium and in the boardroom.

In the Stadium

Whether it’s understanding stadium configuration to maximize seat, merchandising and concession sales, or tapping into individual fan preferences so you can offer tickets and merchandise at the right time, WellPlayed makes sense of what is happening in the stadium. We can also connect what’s happening on the field to what’s happening in the stadium, including player merchandising offers at the right emotional moments, or even monitoring security issues. WellPlayed will help you see all the angles and find the right opportunities to win over fans and sponsors in the stadium.

Bringing it all together


Data Blending and Analytics for Sports


  • wearables
  • spreadsheets
  • video
  • ticketing
  • merchandise/retail
  • CRM systems

The Players


  • Cloud-based

    No maintenance or installation

  • Security and encryption at every level

    We can even mask the data from ourselves

  • Beyond Excel

    Unlimited rows means bigger and faster answers

data analysts

  • Blend data from multiple sources

    No more siloed data

  • Automatically clean data

    More time for analysis and less time doing the dirty work

  • Beyond Excel

    Unlimited rows means bigger and faster answers

  • Instantly reveal new discoveries

    Find the answers to questions you weren’t even asking

  • Visualize data in beautiful dashboards

    Easy to build means easy to change and update anytime

  • Test ideas and ask new questions

    Interchange and combine data for easy and fast analysis


  • Simple dashboards

    Instant insights that are easy to understand

  • Ask questions and test ideas

    Customize your dashboard to your job

  • Continuously update and change your dashboards with new information

    Stay ahead of the competition

competitive edge

  • Built for sports
  • Native to sports technologies (Statcast, Stubhub, wearable technologies, Prozone, and more)
  • Works with proprietary technologies
  • Custom analytics and predictive analytics

the win

Better team performance

  • More wins
  • Increased revenues
  • Happier fans and sponsors.